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Why We Transport Your Dog  – March 2018

Is the thought of someone else taking your dog on its holiday terrifying you? Fear not! Barking Mad Wigan are your dog holiday experts and we have this covered, let us explain…

Since we started taking dogs on holidays, we haven’t yet come across a dog who DIDN’T like being chauffeur driven. Who doesn’t? We’ve had dogs who jump straight in, lie down and snooze all the way there, we’ve had them sit and watch the world go by through the windows (with the occasional bark at another dog or man in a high-vis jacket), we’ve had dogs try and chase the wiper clearing the rain away (this we think is hilarious!). As soon as we arrive at the hosts house, all that fun and excitement is forgotten as they greet with a waggy tail and sometimes slobbery kisses, have a good mooch to check out their new surroundings and they settle down on the couch with their hosts for another snooze, as that journey chasing the wiper was super tiring! Our host community do a fantastic job of welcoming your dogs into their home.

Why We Transport Your Dog

Your dogs travel in comfort

At Barking Mad, we have our very own dog behaviourist, Lisa. Her advice and our many years of doggy experience has taught us that transporting your dog works very well for your dog…. And even you! I have been that blubbering wreck many years ago when I left my dogs barking after me to come back – this service makes it so much easier and less emotional for you and your dogs. I wish it had been an option for us.

As we don’t have the same emotional attachment as you do, we can confidently and calmly introduce your dog to the host and as a result, are very accepting of their new environment. Your dog is our main priority, please don’t worry about us transporting your beloved best friend to their holiday home. As soon as we have settled your dog in with their host, we will call or text you to let you know how the introduction went. We will also contact you the following day to let you know that they have slept, eaten and have settled in well. We call this your “rest easy” message, as after this message from us, you can rest easy and enjoy your holiday.

Barking Mad have been organising holidays since 2000. We are proud to be the dog holiday experts, but we are never complacent, we continually assess our services and always want to be the best that we can be.

In the meantime, should you have any questions or queries about our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

Sam & the team – Barking Mad Wigan

Happy Dog. Happy Holiday. Happy You.

If you would like to find out more about Barking Mad Wigan and the dog sitting services we offer click – HERE

Barking Mad Wigan & St Helens Dog Sitting Local News February 2018

The year has started off super busy for us here at Barking Mad Wigan HQ, with lots of customers getting in touch to book their dogs holidays with us.  It’s always a good idea to be organised and book your dog’s holiday when you are arranging yours. We do get booked up very quickly especially at busy times, and we really don’t want to disappoint your dog. As we always say here at Barking Mad….Dogs deserve a holiday too!

Dogs Deserve a Holiday too!

Milo’s looking forward to his Barking Mad Holiday

We are meeting lots of new customers too! They are finding us through Google searches for Home Dog Boarding and Dog Sitting and also through word of mouth, which for us, is the best way! When our customers recommend Barking Mad Wigan to their friends and family, they get a special discount, as a way to say thank you for recommending us.

Have you booked your dog’s holiday yet? Get in touch with Barking Mad Wigan to check availability

Happy Dog. Happy Holiday. Happy You.

December News 2017 – Lets’s Get Festive!

Dog Sitting Barking Mad Wigan, St Helens & North Warrington Dog Sitting Service

Mollie & Milo ready for Santa

Barking Mad Wigan & St Helens are getting festive on their Facebook page this week! Look out for our post, showcasing our little Mollie & Milo all ready for Santa and upload your festive pet pics. On Friday, 10 favourites will be chosen to receive a 2018 Barking Mad Calendar! We know it will be so hard to choose just 10, so we will also feature some of the pictures as our Facebook page banner!
Entrants must reside in a WN or a WA postcode to receive one of our calendars.

October News – Barking Mad Wigan Show Stand

Wow – What a busy October we have had meeting the local dog lovers around Wigan!

Here we are at the #Barklife Barks & Broomsticks event which took place at Thompson House Equestrian Centre in Standish, Wigan. It was such a fun event – we’d never seen so many Frenchies under one roof!! We certainly gave lots of ear scratches and belly rubs that day! We thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone and introducing our Barking Mad Wigan dog home boarding service to our furry friends and their humans.

Sam and Lee at Barking Mad Barklife Barks and Broomsticks

Barking mad dog sitting show stand in Wigan

Our wonderful show stand set-up in Wigan


#Barklife events are set up to support an amazing French Bulldog Rescue; Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue UK. You can check out their website here. Their next event, Santa Paws, takes place Sunday 3rd December at Dean Valley Farm.

Barklife French Bulldog Rescue

You will next see Barking Mad Wigan at The Mount, Orrell, for their Christmas Market on Sunday 10th December.