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10 Top Tips for Moving House With Your Dog

Here at Barking Mad Dog Care, we are very proud of Alison Gledhill, owner-operator of Barking Mad Blackpool and Preston! Alison was delighted to be approached by Red Row Homes, one of the most successful property developers in the UK, to star in a promotional video, providing her top tips for moving house with your dog. We think you’ll agree that the finished product is fantastic and very helpful for caring dog owners who are concerned about how their canine best friend will cope with such a potentially stressful experience.

Are you concerned about moving home with your dog?

  • When you’re preparing to move home and are starting to pack boxes, remember your dog can sense something is happening. Dogs like routine and can become unsettled and even stressed, when they can sense change. Make sure that you are still allocating plenty of time to your dog to re-assure them that everything is OK.
  • On moving day don’t forget to make arrangements for your dog to be out of the way. There will be lots happening with people in and out of the house and doors being left open. Arrange for your dog to be left with friends or family or a reputable dogsitter on moving day, to provide peace of mind.
  • When you arrive at your new home with your dog, give them plenty of time to explore. Let them have a good sniff of the garden and explore all of the new rooms. Reassure them it’s a fun place to be and will be their home too.
  • Make sure your new garden is doggy friendly! Spend time checking that it is safe and secure.
  • To help your dog quickly feel at home, be certain to unpack their favourite toys, blankets and beds. Encourage them to play with their toys in their new home.
Barking Mad dog sitting is the ideal solution for dog care when you move house

At Barking Mad Dog Care we have lots of experience of helping dogs to happily settle in

  • Let your dog know that their new home is a happy place to be. Have fun with your dog, playing with them and rewarding them with treats.
  • Dogs thrive on routine. Make sure that you quickly establish your dog’s usual routine, especially with regard to eating, exercising and sleeping.
  • Remember it may seem like a good idea to let your dog sleep in your new bedroom for the first night in your new home but if you do this the first night you will probably end up doing this every night!
  • Go exploring in the area around your new home. Find new places to walk and exciting new areas for your dog to enjoy playing. Let them know it’s a happy place.
  • Finally, don’t forget to get your dog’s microchip details updated and buy them a dog tag with your new postcode and phone number. If you have moved to a new area you should also register with a local vet and think about finding dog care in advance for when you have to go away. As the UK’s leading dog sitter, Barking Mad has over seventy branches , which are ideally located to serve most areas.