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Barking Mad Reading’s 10 tips to protect your dog this summer

Sunny days!

Here at Barking Mad Dog Care Reading, we love the sun! Having a BBQ, spending time in the garden, and of course heading down to the nearest river, lake or beach for the day. It really is a beautiful time of year for us two legged animals, but do our furry friends enjoy the heat as much as we do? With summer well underway we wanted to provide you with some of our top tips to ensure your dog is well looked after on those hot days.

  1. Keep your dog hydrated
    This seems like an obvious one but always make sure that their water bowl is regularly topped up with clean drinking water.

Buster the Boxer sure knows how to stay hydrated when on holiday!

Sadly we need to raise the point as it still happens today. According to the RSPCA, a car can become as hot as an oven very quickly, even when it doesn’t feel that warm. When it is 22 degrees, in a car it can actually reach an unbearable 47 degrees within the hour. SO PLEASE DON’T DO IT!

3. Keep their paws cool!
With the sun pumping out heat all day, many surfaces follow suit and drastically heat up. With this in mind, consider the surfaces your dog is walking on when you take them out as you don’t want to risk burning their paws (walking on hot surfaces also raises the body temperature) – we suggest avoiding asphalt. If you are unsure then we recommend you adopt ‘the 5 second rule’ you can find out more on that right here.

4. Give your dog a swimming pool
Our kids love a swimming pool in the sun and our canine friends are no different! You can buy a very affordable child’s paddling pool online and it’ll go along way with your dog – whilst keeping them cool. Alternatively you could use a cooling jacket, a cooling mat or even just a cool, damp towel would be just as effective!

This Barking Mad holiday home even has its own pool!

5. Groom that coat
By keeping your dog’s coat regularly groomed it’ll avoid any knots and remove any excess fur meaning your dog will find it a lot easier to regulate their body temperature.

6. Make some cool treats
It’s not just us that loves an ice lolly! Try making a few ice cubes out of their favourite treats, they’ll love it. We did also come across this superb article by Buzzfeed – have a read of their summer treat ideas!

 7. Get out the doggie sunscreen
It may sound silly, but you can buy dog sunscreen and it really can make a difference to your dog’s skin. It’s not just us that can burn in the sun, our furry friends do as well. Dogs of a lighter colour and thin / short coat are at a greater risk of burning.

8. Walk in the morning or evening
When the sun is low the temperature is a lot cooler, so you’re walks will be a lot more pleasant for the both of you.

Charlie & Daisy enjoying an early morning stroll in the countryside

9. Protection against parasites
Parasites such as fleas, mosquitoes and ticks come out to play in the summer which can cause your dog unwanted issues. Make sure you protect your dogs from these unwelcome visitors.

10. Know if your dog has overheated
Knowing the symptoms of heat stroke can make a massive difference to your dog’s health. If your dog struggles to breathe, excessively pants, increased heart rate, drooling or even glazed over eyes, you need to take action as these symptoms can bring on vomiting, diarrhea and seizures.

To cool them down safely first move them into a cooler area and apply cool water to their bodies (specifically around the head) whilst letting them drink cool water. Next we recommend you contact your vet and seek further assistance.

Now you’re equipped with our 10 hottest tips, put them into action and to ensure your dog can make the most of the summer. For all the latest pictures and videos of our Barking Mad dogs enjoying their summer holidays, follow us on Facebook!

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